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Camp Yokey provides hands-on, project based 1 and 2 week sessions throughout the summer involving technology, art & engineering and focusing on the whole child. Taking place in the awesome YokeyPokey Virtual Reality space, all the latest technology and equipment is used for learning, exploration and fun. 

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Virtual reality is one of the fastest growing fields of technology and is changing the way that we experience the world. In this course you will have the opportunity to design, model and build your own 3D environment and bring it into a VR world.
Class Sessions: 07/01 – 07/12 | 07/29 – 08/09 | 08/19 – 08/30

This course is a study of the basic assembly, maintenance, and repair of computer systems. 
Class Session: 07/22 – 07/26 | 08/19 – 08/23

In this VR Art Studio Class, the Virtual Picassos are introduced to different themes, styles, aesthetic and techniques of the masters.
Class Session: 07/01 – 07/05 | 08/12 – 08/16

Learn how to build a challenging platformer in 3D! Students will use Unreal Engine, a powerful game design tool, to explore what goes into the game design process. 
Class Session: 07/15 – 07/26 | 08/12 – 08/23

Learn the skills that go into creating movies like Toy Story, The Incredibles, Ice Age and any other 3D Animated video! 
Class Session: 07/08 – 07/12 | 07/22 – 07/26 | 08/05 – 08/09 | 08/26 – 08/30 

Learn how to set up game-capture programs to record gameplay and stream it to the two biggest platforms in the gaming world, YouTube and Twitch. 
Class Session: 07/01 – 07/05 | 07/29 – 08/02 | 08/26 – 08/30

Roblox is a creative outlet that allows anyone to create their own games and worlds for others to explore and play in. 
Class Session: 07/08 – 07/19 | 08/05 – 08/16

Drawing for Video Games is for those with a passion and desire to pursue a creative future then blend it in with their possible future career.
Class Session: 07/15 – 07/19 | 07/29 – 08/02

Spring Camp - Day 5 Fortnite Game Design using Unreal Engine

  • We devoted the final stretch to polishing our maps. The students were mostly satisfied with them but and the instructor assisted them with tweaks and additional features.
  • The games they made were simple, they had a lot of fun playing them and frequently swapped laptops to playtest each other's projects. They frequently commented how it felt like the actual Fortnite Save the World game.
Summer technology camp
  • I helped Leo model a tree in vectary that could be painted in mass onto his map.
  • To reinforce the Fortnite theme, I showed the students how to import the iconic "Loot Lama" (basically a pinata that drops loot), turn it into a destructible object, and program it to spawn a loot drop upon destruction.
  • After pizza lunch, we did an experiment to see how the projects would look viewing through a VR headset. As predicted, the massive amount of enemies and landscape geometry had laggy performance trying to render into two screens. The kids loved the class, creating these games was a lot of fun.

Spring Camp - Day 4 Fortnite Game Design using Unreal Engine

  • Today was a big day as it was time to populate our islands with the undead.

  • First the instructor showed the students how to set up keyboard and mouse bindings for essential actions like firing, reloading, and punching and transferred my programmed enemies, weapons, and pickups into their islands and they determined the locations and amount.

fortnite style gaming development
  • I showed them how to program goals into their games. When all the zombies were cleared, the player avatar would perform a Fortnite dance.
  • The kids spent a lot of time playtesting each other's islands.
  • After lunch, we went back into Vectary to create some custom content. I helped Jonathan model a new rifle and for Leo, we recreated the iconic Fortnite battlebus which was imported into his game.

Spring Camp - Day 3 Fortnite Game Design using Unreal Engine

  • We started the day with a bit of programming to get back on schedule. Yesterday’s coins were scripted to play a sound effect and update an onscreen score tracker when collected.
  • After yesterday's code-heavy course, we pivoted back to environmental design but on a bigger scope. We used unreal engine’s landscape tools to create our own fortnite-style islands.
  • With the stroke of a mouse, the landscape tools can grow mountains or dig ditches to fill with water.

  • We also used a layered material on our islands to paint areas of grass, sand, and stone.

  • After lunch, we used UE’s foliage painting to scatter plant life and debris across our islands without having to manually place them individually.
  • In the last minutes before dismissal, I introduced destructible objects that fragment on impact. Jonathan had fun smashing a car through them.

Spring Camp - Day 2 Fortnite Game Design using Unreal Engine

  • Day 2 objective was creating "obbys" (obstacles courses) with pits and ledges to jump across.
  • We used the environment construction techniques from yesterday to build elaborate parkour obstacles.
  • To learn the basics of Unreal Engine's blueprint scripting, we created triggerable effects like bushes that light on fire when the player is close.
  • We also learned how to set up UI (user interface) widgets. These are messages that track and display information like scores, time remaining, health, and win/fail conditions.
  • To make the obbys into legitimate mini-games, we set up "fail-states" that prompt the player to start over after falling. This entailed combining blueprint script and UI widgets to create killzones; invisible triggers that are programmed to detect a player passing through and display a "Game Over" message.
  • After lunch, we made our obbys more interesting by programming a collectible coin item that increments the player's score as they traverse the obstacles. This was an opportunity to try out Unreal's powerful material system to manually program the coin's metallic appearance.
  • Before dismissing for the day, we tried out the prototype Fortnite-style shooter game I created for the course. Leo experimented with it and increased the number of zombies to fight.
  • Today was a natural progression from environmental design to game programming.

Spring Camp - Day 1 Fortnite Game Design using Unreal Engine

  • We started with watching Unreal Engine demo reels showing some of the high profile games made on it.
  • Taught them the basics of the app including viewport navigation, moving objects, and switching materials.
  • They were very enthusiastic in exploring on their own initiative and experimenting with what I taught them.
IMG_0606[1] (1).JPG
  • We created new projects with the third-person template. Taught them how to use geometric brushes to create their own fortresses. Leo grasped this quite well and added moody lighting to his fort.
  • Jonathan experimented more with materials and physics. He created a surreal environment with walls made of solid water.

  • After lunch, instructors taught them how to create custom props in Vectary. I noted that standard 3D modeling was somewhat over their heads so I let them stick to exporting pre-made assets from Vectary's library.

  • In the final minutes, they got weary of working with the third-person template and decided to explore templates for driving and flying games. It was a good opportunity to teach how physics worked in Unreal Engine as they built walls of cubes to drive through.

Fun and Educational - STEM & Art camp focusing on Virtual Reality

Fun and Educational - STEM & Art camp focusing on Virtual Reality

Camp Yokey focuses on STEM, specificity on technology and coding aspects of games for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Campers  will learn how to design 3D objects, develop movement and interaction of the objects, play test their creations and import them into a Virtual world.  In addition, the camp has strong curriculum of Art classes specifically where art and technology intersect.  A large roster of available courses for the summer and vacation camps is available online. 



Brooklyn's first VR e-sports tournament. YokeyPokey & CityPoint invite you for a thrilling month of competition. Put your competition skills to the ultimate test in these action packed virtual reality challenges.

Compete in popular and challenging Virtual Reality games like Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, and Sprint Vector. 

Take center stage and show off your VR skills at Citypoint, culminating in an immersive championship finals match. Take home prizes like $1,000 a sweet PS4 Pro, or upgrade your gaming rig with cutting edge Nvidia RTX 2070 GPU. 

Holiday Experience developed by YokeyPokey

This was a really amazing experience. This video was created by Indira who was one of many people that worked on the holiday experience (see all the people in the credits of the video) but Indira really lead the charge on making this happen.

Overall we had over 2500 people experience this in the weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This experience was loved by kids and adults and had something for everyone. This experience had a customized music created just for this experience.

Everything You Absolutely Must Do in NYC This Winter

Embark on a virtual reality sleigh ride Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through 12/24

Millennials who grew up on NORAD’s Santa Tracker thought they had it good, but today’s tots are living in the golden age of Santa simulations. City Point’s BKLYN Arctic Adventure creates a Christmas dream come true. Strap on a headset and find yourself on a reindeer-drawn sleigh. Fly past Mrs. Claus’s bakery shop, a gingerbread house, and arrive at Santa’s Secret Workshop where the adventure begins. Cost: Free for 10-minute adventure; $25 for 30 minutes;



The holiday happening is a Virtual Reality sleigh ride to every child’s dream destination — the North Pole. Created by the expert designers at YokeyPokey Virtual Reality, BKLYN ARCTIC ADVENTURE’s exclusive engagement at City Point opens on November 24th at 12pm. The Holiday Pop-up Experience is FREE to the public on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Noon - 9pm through Christmas Eve at City Point, located at 445 Albee Square West in Downtown Brooklyn.

YokeyPokey Offering Virtual Reality Holiday Parties This Season

The holidays will be here before you know it...don't be left out in the cold!

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Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2018 --

YokeyPokey Virtual Reality is now accepting reservations for holiday parties and corporate events! Whether you're looking to bring your employees out of the office or you just want to experience something different, fun and new with your friends and family we've got you covered. This is the time of the year where memories are made and relationships are strengthened.

With virtual reality, you have options to do group games/experiences as well as individual games & experiences. Our large catalog has offerings that range from exhilarating to soothings and everything in between. Our goal is to always exceed what our clients expect.

If you're thinking about a holiday party and haven't made arrangements yet, now is the time. Our holiday slots book fast, so reserve your spot now. We have unique parties and options for every taste and almost every budget. Our team will handle all the details -- all you have to do is show up and be open to fun and new experiences. The magic of virtual reality just like the magic of the holidays never gets old.

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About YokeyPokey YokeyPokey brings Virtual Reality entertainment to everyone through private parties, team outings, fundraisers or corporate events in our location a block away from Barclays center or to any location of our clients choosing. We cater the experiences to our guests and their passions.

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