YokeyPokey puts on a comedy show at the Virtual Reality Arcade

One of our goals at YokeyPokey is to bring something new to New York and specifically to the Brooklyn community. With that in mind we partnered with a couple of comedy producers to do a Virtual Reality/comedy show at our space in Brooklyn! It turned out to be a fun night!

There's no shortage of comedy shows in New York City. On any given night, comedy fans have their pick of dozens of shows at venues from legendary comedy clubs to dank bar basements. Putting on a show at YokeyPokey allowed the producers to create an evening of comedy that differentiated itself from every other show in the city. With an hour of free demos before the show began, attendees were eager to try out VR games and experiences—many for the very first time.

Performers also jumped at the opportunity to play. Comedian Carmen Lagala, who made her television debut on Late Night with Stephen Colbert earlier this year, chose a zombie hunting game. "I didn't expect to enjoy shooting at things that much," she joked at the beginning of the show. Tom Thakkar, who will be featured on Comedy Central Presents in January, played some VR basketball. And the show's host Jonathan van Halem stepped up to the virtual plate at Citi Field. "I'm just as good at VR baseball as I am at real baseball—bad," he said.

It was a fun night for everyone! YokeyPokey continues to bring amazing entertainment real and virtual to NYC. Come do an event with us!