Senior Centers & Adult Day Care Visits

YokeyPokey has been working with senior centers around NYC, specifically in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens bringing Virtual Reality to seniors. The response has been nothing short of amazing.

On a monthly basis the team takes our mobile equipment and brings it to each of these centers preloaded with specific content. Mostly the content is 360 degree videos which are immersive and takes the viewers to another location. For the seniors this is mostly their first experience with Virtual Reality and one of the most technical things they have ever done.

Experiences that let seniors travel around the world without leaving their location, watch 360 videos, face their fears and play some active games that get them moving are some of the offerings that YokeyPokey brings on each of these senior visits.

Carl Estera of Sundance Day Care said "This is a great way to introduce new technologies to elders, it gets them excited to try new things. They couldn't stop talking about it"

Our equipment is mobile and easy to transport and setup on location making it ideal for offsite events. If your organization is looking for something different to do, reach out to YokeyPokey Virtual Reality and we will customize a program for your group.