Spring Camp - Day 1 Fortnite Game Design using Unreal Engine

  • We started with watching Unreal Engine demo reels showing some of the high profile games made on it.
  • Taught them the basics of the app including viewport navigation, moving objects, and switching materials.
  • They were very enthusiastic in exploring on their own initiative and experimenting with what I taught them.
IMG_0606[1] (1).JPG
  • We created new projects with the third-person template. Taught them how to use geometric brushes to create their own fortresses. Leo grasped this quite well and added moody lighting to his fort.
  • Jonathan experimented more with materials and physics. He created a surreal environment with walls made of solid water.

  • After lunch, instructors taught them how to create custom props in Vectary. I noted that standard 3D modeling was somewhat over their heads so I let them stick to exporting pre-made assets from Vectary's library.

  • In the final minutes, they got weary of working with the third-person template and decided to explore templates for driving and flying games. It was a good opportunity to teach how physics worked in Unreal Engine as they built walls of cubes to drive through.