Spring Camp - Day 2 Fortnite Game Design using Unreal Engine

  • Day 2 objective was creating "obbys" (obstacles courses) with pits and ledges to jump across.
  • We used the environment construction techniques from yesterday to build elaborate parkour obstacles.
  • To learn the basics of Unreal Engine's blueprint scripting, we created triggerable effects like bushes that light on fire when the player is close.
  • We also learned how to set up UI (user interface) widgets. These are messages that track and display information like scores, time remaining, health, and win/fail conditions.
  • To make the obbys into legitimate mini-games, we set up "fail-states" that prompt the player to start over after falling. This entailed combining blueprint script and UI widgets to create killzones; invisible triggers that are programmed to detect a player passing through and display a "Game Over" message.
  • After lunch, we made our obbys more interesting by programming a collectible coin item that increments the player's score as they traverse the obstacles. This was an opportunity to try out Unreal's powerful material system to manually program the coin's metallic appearance.
  • Before dismissing for the day, we tried out the prototype Fortnite-style shooter game I created for the course. Leo experimented with it and increased the number of zombies to fight.
  • Today was a natural progression from environmental design to game programming.