Spring Camp - Day 3 Fortnite Game Design using Unreal Engine

  • We started the day with a bit of programming to get back on schedule. Yesterday’s coins were scripted to play a sound effect and update an onscreen score tracker when collected.
  • After yesterday's code-heavy course, we pivoted back to environmental design but on a bigger scope. We used unreal engine’s landscape tools to create our own fortnite-style islands.
  • With the stroke of a mouse, the landscape tools can grow mountains or dig ditches to fill with water.

  • We also used a layered material on our islands to paint areas of grass, sand, and stone.

  • After lunch, we used UE’s foliage painting to scatter plant life and debris across our islands without having to manually place them individually.
  • In the last minutes before dismissal, I introduced destructible objects that fragment on impact. Jonathan had fun smashing a car through them.