Spring Camp - Day 4 Fortnite Game Design using Unreal Engine

  • Today was a big day as it was time to populate our islands with the undead.

  • First the instructor showed the students how to set up keyboard and mouse bindings for essential actions like firing, reloading, and punching and transferred my programmed enemies, weapons, and pickups into their islands and they determined the locations and amount.

fortnite style gaming development
  • I showed them how to program goals into their games. When all the zombies were cleared, the player avatar would perform a Fortnite dance.
  • The kids spent a lot of time playtesting each other's islands.
  • After lunch, we went back into Vectary to create some custom content. I helped Jonathan model a new rifle and for Leo, we recreated the iconic Fortnite battlebus which was imported into his game.