Kid at heart - Gaming as an adult

An interesting phrase has been coming up as people call and email about birthday parties that we do for adults. My boyfriend, my partner, my wife or husband is like a “big kid” or a “kid at heart” and will absolutely love to have a gaming party with Virtual Reality. Do you do birthday parties for adults?

What does it hat mean to be a kid at heart? To us, it’s a person who doesn’t care about restrictions of age and what society expects of you. It’s about being a free spirit. It’s about enjoying the things you like to enjoy no matter what age you are.

So if your thing is gaming and we know for a lot of people and couples it’s something they do and enjoy, then do it. Invite your friends and come have some fun at YokeyPokey Virtual Reality. Play some games, watch your friends freak out when they experience it for the first time and play together as a family. And yes we do walkins, private events, corporate events and birthday parties for adults and kids.