Spring Camp - Day 5 Fortnite Game Design using Unreal Engine

  • We devoted the final stretch to polishing our maps. The students were mostly satisfied with them but and the instructor assisted them with tweaks and additional features.
  • The games they made were simple, they had a lot of fun playing them and frequently swapped laptops to playtest each other's projects. They frequently commented how it felt like the actual Fortnite Save the World game.
Summer technology camp
  • I helped Leo model a tree in vectary that could be painted in mass onto his map.
  • To reinforce the Fortnite theme, I showed the students how to import the iconic "Loot Lama" (basically a pinata that drops loot), turn it into a destructible object, and program it to spawn a loot drop upon destruction.
  • After pizza lunch, we did an experiment to see how the projects would look viewing through a VR headset. As predicted, the massive amount of enemies and landscape geometry had laggy performance trying to render into two screens. The kids loved the class, creating these games was a lot of fun.