Enhance your education activities with Virtual Reality!

Many companies offer additional training opportunities for their employees. Virtual reality is a great addition to many in-office training programs. Employees are able to fully immerse themselves in subject to a degree not found in any other type of instruction.

Virtual reality is a fun, fascinating way to learn. A VR session is often more engaging than a traditional textbook or lecture. In some cases, a virtual classroom can be created where students across multiple locations can meet and share an online space.

VR also allows for easy group training.


Field Trips

Take your students on a virtual reality adventure from your classroom or take them on a field trip to our Brooklyn location where they will experience many aspects of Virtual Reality. Imagine taking your students to the Taj Majal, The Pyramids of Giza, the Washington Monument or the Great Wall of China. Imagine them seeing what it's like to see a city from the air or explore the ocean. All from the comfort of your classroom.

Students will love the Virtual Field Trip. 



Media Center Setup

YokeyPokey Virtual Reality Club can come to your facility to consult and setup your very own VR Media Center.  We can outfit specific classrooms or setup a VR Media Center in your library where students can come in to utilize the equipment.  In every aspect of this technology YokeyPokey can help. 



Virtual Reality is an increasingly effective way to train people in situations which would otherwise be very dangerous, expensive or otherwise impractical. In the medical field, surgeons can use VR to train for procedures; nurses can learn how to find a vein and other medical professionals can learn skills without having to practice on an actual patient.

Learning to operate complicated machinery such as a truck or airplane is another situation where VR training can be a big benefit. Before the popularity of smartphone-based virtual reality, aspiring pilots had to train in large flight simulators located in specific locations. Now people can learn complicated tasks from anywhere as long as they have a smartphone, VR headset, and the right training apps.

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