YokeyPokey Virtual Reality parties are a truly unique way for kids and adults to get together to celebrate an occasion! Partygoers experience a once of a kind environment, awesome experiences and lots of fun. You can see some pics from past bday parties here.

Q: What are your birthday parties like? 

The way we structure birthday parties is exclusive use of space for 2 hours, our entire gaming library, all 360 degree videos and our staff to help everyone have an amazing experience.  We move everyone around from experience to experience so everybody get's to try out different experiences, watch all the videos and have maximum amount of fun.

Q: How far in advance should I book the event

A: As soon as you can.  We allow booking for parties for any future date and we have members as well as online experience purchases being scheduled into the future.  Once the timeslot is taken by someone else we won’t be able to move it for a birthday party.  Booking your event and paying the deposit invoice blocks the space and time from being booked by anyone else.

 Q: What does the YokeyPokey Party include?

A: YokeyPokey parties and events include exclusive use of the entire space, our entire library of games, our 360 degree video library, our helpful staff who will set you up for every experience, explain how everything works and ensure you have maximum fun.

Q: What are the YokeyPokey party costs?

A: The cost depends on number of kids, length of the party and if you are doing food or not. Please reach out to hello@yokeypokey.com with what you’re looking for and we’ll reply back within 24 hours with your data availability and costs.

Q: You mention games and experiences, what exactly do you mean?

A: When we talk about gaming and experiences we break it down into gaming and 360 degree videos.  We offer 3 different systems for gaming, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift and we rotate the guests so they try all of them.  In our library we have over 35 different games and experiences, everything from art, car racing, and zombies, strategy and exploring games to experiences such as being under water or on a remote island with bears. We also do Minecraft VR gaming which have been very popular. Our 360 degree library has a large variety of videos and we customize the library based on the ages of our guests.

 Q: What is the flow of the party? 

A: Our events are 2 hours unless you’ve requested a modification.  Once the critical mass of guests have gathered, our staff explain all the experiences we have and setup everyone to start gaming and exploring.  If you plan on having food and cake, we use the first 1.5 hours for gaming and experiences and the last 30 minutes for food.  Otherwise the guests continue to play and switch from game to game and to different experiences & stations for the entire time with the help of our staff.

Q: May I update the size closer to the party as RSVPs come in? 

A: Yes, we will reach out to you prior to the party. At that point you will be given the opportunity to change the number of guests.

Q: Are we allowed to cater our own food and cake?

A: We offer a package that includes pizza, fruit & veggie tray, a few types of snacks like pretzels and pita chips, cake or cupcakes, juice, water, all utensils, cups, etc… and cleanup for additional cost. If you want to cater your own food, we charge a $75 setup up / clean up fee and you would bring in everything you would need.

Q: Is gratuity for the staff included in the party price? 

A: Gratuity is completely at your discretion. Our staff is there to ensure that you and your guests have an amazing event.  If you are happy with their performance, tips are appreciated.

Q: Should the parents’ of the guests stay for the party? 

A: Depending on the age some parents can stay to watch the kids.  Our staff is amazing with kids but their role is to make sure that the players have an amazing experience, not to watch the kids. Therefore, if the party is for younger kids, parents should stay to help supervise.

Q: If younger siblings attend but do not play, do they count towards the party count? 

A: No, they won’t count toward the party count.  However if additional children are in attendance (i.e. younger siblings), our staff will not be able to watch them during the event. You will have to assign an adult(s) to manage and make sure the younger kiddos are occupied and not interfering with the event.

Q: May I come early to set up? 

A: Absolutely, you can arrive up to 15 minutes before your scheduled party start time. Your guests should arrive for the time of the party.

Q: Can we bring balloons and other decorations for the party?

A: Yes, you’re more than welcome to bring balloons and decorations.  

Q: Will the party start right at the start time? 

A: Yes, we want to make sure you get maximum time for all the experiences we provide.

Q: I want to play music at the party. Do you have speakers? 

A: Yes. You can hook up your Phone to our speakers to play whatever music you want.

Q: Will there be tables set up for the things I bring? 

A: Yes, we will have a table set up for you. You should coordinate with us ahead of time so we can have your needs addressed ahead of time.

Q: There is time for cake, right? 

A: Cake?!?  There is always time for a slice of cake :)  Yes, we can do cake at the end of the party.