All the fun we've been having!


Senior Centers & Adult Day Care Visits

YokeyPokey has been working with senior centers around NYC, specifically in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens bringing Virtual Reality to seniors. The response has been nothing short of amazing. 

On a monthly basis the team takes our mobile equipment and brings it to each of these centers preloaded with specific content. Mostly the content is 360 degree videos which are immersive and takes the viewers to another location.  For the seniors this is mostly their first experience with Virtual Reality and one of the most technical things they have ever done.  

Experiences that let seniors travel around the world without leaving their location, watch 360 videos, face their fears and play some active games that get them moving are some of the offerings that YokeyPokey brings on each of these senior visits. 

Carl Estera of Sundance Day Care said "This is a great way to introduce new technologies to elders, it gets them excited to try new things. They couldn't stop talking about it"

Our equipment is mobile and easy  to transport and setup on location making it ideal for offsite events.  If your organization is looking for something different to do, reach out to YokeyPokey Virtual Reality and we will customize a program for your group. 


Staten Island Yankees & YokeyPokey


STATEN ISLAND- New to Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George for the 2018 season, the Staten Island Yankees are partnering with YokeyPokey Virtual Reality Club to provide Minor League Baseball’s first season-long virtual reality suite experience.

“Offering unique family-friendly experiences is what the Staten Island Yankees and Minor League Baseball are all about,” said Ian Fontenot, Director of Communications & Entertainment for the Staten Island Yankees. “Our team is thrilled to partner with YokeyPokey to provide a fresh and engaging element to the game day experience at Richmond County Bank Ballpark. I can personally attest to how much fun YokeyPokey’s product is.”

The virtual reality experience is available as a $500 add-on to the team’s $1000 luxury suite offering which comes with 20 tickets and a $400 food & beverage credit. YokeyPokey will provide a library of family-friendly games perfect for both children birthday parties and corporate outings alike. And for the VR rookies, a customer experience provider will be there to guide you along the way. One VR suite is available for all 38 Staten Island Yankees home games and is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. To inquire about renting a VR suite, fans can call the Staten Island Yankees front office at 718-720-9265.

“We are excited to work with the Staten Island Yankees baseball team to bring virtual reality to the stadium,” said George Casseus, Business Development Manager for YokeyPokey Virtual Reality Club. “VR is new, fun and futuristic, and the Staten Island Yankees are really forward-thinking and innovative in creating an even more immersive sports experience. The guests are going to love this!”


YokeyPokey brings VR to everyone through private parties and events, team and corporate outings, fundraisers or just walk in to our location a block away from Barclays Center. We cater the experiences to our guests and their passions. Fighting zombies, becoming the next race car driver, traveling the world, or stepping into a painting  that you created yourself are just some of the unique adventures our visitors experience through VR gaming and 360-degree videos. VR is new, fun, memorable, and makes your dreams a reality. Kids, teens and adults welcome! Visit us at or at 537 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY.


The Staten Island Yankees are the Single A-Short Season Affiliate of the New York Yankees and play at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George. The Staten Island Yankees are six-time New York-Penn League Champions (2000, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011). For more information, visit


Minecraft VR Tournament

Someone on the team threw out a crazy idea. Let’s do on Minecraft VR contest!  Everyone is crazy for Minecraft so let’s try to do something in virtual reality. We searched around, and found that no one has done a tournament in Minecraft VR.  We were going to be the first! But how do we do it?

Joshua on the team took the lead.  After hours and hours of research we figured out a few things that we could do as a contest. One we wanted to make it fun for everyone who is involved no matter what age they are. Second we wanted the participants to utilize Minecraft to it’s fullest potential. This meant that they would be creating something in the Minecraft world.  And third, we wanted to make it into a tournament. We wanted to have the contest over several weekends with winners movie gone to a finals weekend where they would be able to win oculus rift headset. 

Joshua and Team created an amazing tournament. It was made up of two cars. First is the treasure hunt. Find the hidden objects inside in Minecraft world and depending on the rarity of object you get more points. This meant that no matter what your skill level pretty much everyone would be able to participate.  The second part was the building contest. We asked the contestants to create something in a limited set of time. Create a log cabin with a bedroom and a bed.  Or create a stone castle but he must have glass window.

We were super impressed with the creativity of the kids. Every week sending out a newsletter for our entire email list showcasing some of the creations from the previous weekend was a pleasure.  

Coney Island






















We spent the summer of 2017 at Coney Island in a popup space right across from the original Nathan’s Famous hotdog place.  2017 was not a very hot summer, way too many rainy days, but still, YokeyPokey Virtual Reality club had people come through in droves. July 4, was by far the busiest day of the year followed by the Mermaid Parade!

We spent the couple weeks prior to opening up on Memorial Day setting up the space. We had over 15 Gear VR stations and six high-end virtual reality setups ready for opening day.  On the high end VR stations let people play simple games and provided some simple experiences. On the Gear VR stations we had a 10 minute and the 25 minutes 360 video selection. The idea for the summer was test out how all of this would work, and to get as many people as possible to “try” out virtual reality.

After a few training days we were ready to go! People started coming in, asking the question "what is this?” and then trying it out for themselves. The most common question that we would get - you guessed it, "is this free”?  

July 4 definitely stands out as the hot dog eating contest was right in front of our doors. It was interesting to see this crazy Coney Island tradition play out right in front of our eyes. It also turned out to be a beautiful day, Hot July day, the perfect beach day!  It ended up being the busiest day of the year. 

Overall, over the summer we had over 4000 people try out virtual reality throughout the summer of 2017. We also learned a lot. Things like put the TV up high because someone fighting zombies we'll definitely punch it through! We also learned a lot about technical difficulties how to overcome them. And, how to deal with all kinds of customers.  This is all new technology and working through the issues in our Coney Island space allowed for a much smoother opening when we moved to 537 Atlantic Ave at the end of the summer.  

Summer of 2017 will forever live in our memories!